Thursday, September 1, 2011


Nystatin is a polyene antifungal drug to which many molds and yeast infections are sensitive, including Candida.
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The product is used as an intermediate for the extraction of nystatin and as feed-additive.
Nystatin cream, topical powder, and ointment are for dermatological use.
Nystatin cream contains the antifungal antibiotic nystatin at a concentration of 100,000 units per gram in an aqueous, perfumed vanishing cream base containing aluminum hydroxide concentrated wet gel, titanium dioxide, propylene glycol, cetearyl alcohol (and) ceteareth-20, white petrolatum, sorbitol solution, glyceryl monostearate, polyethylene glycol monostearate, sorbic acid, and simethicone.
Nystatin topical powder provides, in each gram, 100,000 units nystatin dispersed in talc.
Nystatin ointment provides 100,000 units nystatin per gram in Plastibase (plasticized hydrocarbon gel), a polyethylene and mineral oil gel base.

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