Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Firing in IT companies

Firing in IT companies

Satyam gives offers just like that but initial 3 months to 2 years or till u complete 3 yeras they is no gaurantee…… any moment you will chuck out people … if not a PINK slip ..u put down the papers or we will terminate u …..Very funny company with out ETHICS …….
For many genuine people, this company has done too bad. Played with careers and wish all the bad luck to the future of this company. I wish all associates from satyam please push of before the new polocies etc come in to picture one fine DAY. if you talk more ..HR will issue a termination under integrity issue. any ways GUY ..try for any other Company like IBM , HP etc CTS, TCS ..but not SATYAM ….
SATYAM is too bad for that matter. They feel proud of themselves because no body to praise. Employees fired, i have seen this month, just for 1 month diff also they want to see all the bank statements since year 2002 etc , I don’t understand but you know satyam is number one company is catching people. In the induction etc only they take bonds etc so that they can come back and catch any one. also SATYAM is going under losses ..200 to 300 are on each center. also This company has some many people who are unfit to work in HR managment . just imagine they recruit us , feel shamed to know. also HR does boss’ism in SATYAM. especially they feel as if they are giving the projects from their pocket. However my guess is down the line in future this company will have a major Set back . i pray god that doller should fall and First comapn to be affected very badly is satyam.

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Satyam Computers firing employees as a consequence of weakening ...
Satyam Computers, India's top IT company is firing employees dues to fears of the weakening dollar value.

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